My views on Social Work


Keshav Gharti Magar

The term social work is divided into two words i.e. Social & work which simply refers to work for the people of society. We can define it as a kind of work/profession which helps to solve the problems of family, society, country, in overall whole world. Nowadays, it has become a charming and contrasting profession. It is divided into two categories i.e. micro work and macro work. In micro work, social worker must do his/her work directly with individuals but in macro work, social worker can do his/her work with communities and societies.

The notion of social work is as old as human history. In the antique period, people used to work, hunt for their family and clan members. Especially, this kind of working helped to aged people, children and weak people.  This kind of work can be considered as social work towards their family and clan members that used to be done in the name of philanthropy. That was the antediluvian form of social work.

As mentioned by the Bureau of Labor statistics, USA approximately 649,300 jobs in 2014 were held by social workers. Normally it shows that the charming of social workers are everywhere in the world whether a country is developed or developing country. Because social workers can be involved in many sectors like hospital, government offices, health clinics etc. To become a social worker, at least Bachelor of Social Work degree is needed. Jobseeker must have done Master/Bachelor in Social Work to work/involve in social organization. All the normal people can’t be social worker. To be a social worker, a person must have helpful and kind nature. Social workers should do different and complex work. They must face many problems and difficulties on their field as well. Basically, social workers favor for their client. They suggest new ideas and show the good direction to their clients. They do research on the many social problems and find out the perfect solution and resolution. They provide notification and retrieve to community resources. They also provide community education including visiting schools and health education.

Apart from this, social workers have many challenges and responsibilities towards their work. In the whole world, the number of social worker are not as many as the organizations need. So, in such critical cases, the responsibility of social workers must be in an exponential manner. Each social worker should be micro and macro person. Though it is a multifaceted subject, people’s perspective towards this subject is not good as compared to further subject. In the context of our society, there is a trend that after completing degree in any subject our relatives/ neighbors ask us about our career like this; what are you going to do? Will you be a successful person in this field? They raise such kinds of many questions. Especially this question can be bulky for those students who have completed their degree in social work because there are thousands of thousands of people like them. There can be tough competition among thousands of people to get the jobs too. This is why, a person must be forward, dynamic, thoughtful and cautioned in this profession. only a paper degree certificate can’t do anything for the job. A person must have high qualification and should have creative mind as well. So, after completing the course designed for social work, Social work student’s mind should be strike by these words.

Making profession of social work is not an easy at all. There may be many difficulties and obstacles in this field. There may be many problems that should be faced by social worker. According to the research, Social worker must face more emotional distress and pain each day. Social workers can be employed in any sector including school, health centre, hospital and other many non- profit organization. Social workers must work during holidays and night also as per the situation. Working during holidays and night is very common to the social worker. It is their responsibility towards their society and country. They also feel tired and pressure but because of their profession they can’t take rest even in some critical and emergency  situation.

Social workers don’t earn what they are worth. There are many jobs in social work which are come with low pay grade. This is the harsh reality of social worker. even if they give their 100% effort on their work. Sometimes there may be the absence of other social worker and there may be workload with someone. In that situation if heavy substantial workload is adjusted with low amount, it may feel frustrating to the social workers. The government must pay attention on this matter.

I think social work is an exciting and challenging career area. It is one of the broadly defined and helping profession. Its main aim is to serve people around the society. The question must be raised there that why to choose this profession? Different people may have different views towards this profession but as per my view, this is a unique and inseparably profession. It is different from other profession. As there is one famous quote by Ogden W. Rogers, “When you do it right, social work is a feeling that is larger than your own life.” But in the context of our country, people don’t take it seriously because there is lack of logical strategy at the University Grant Commission(UGC).

I think Campuses or colleges offering social work courses in BSW and MSW must connect good nexus with university authorities and many other international benefactors to bring out social work course lofty. I think at times social work course is lagging back only in our country Nepal. To speak heartily, for the better development and progress of our society, the role of social work and social worker are very vital that cannot be separated from each other and should be given more priorities by universities, NGOs, INGOs, and the government. Furthermore, to build prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali, the core norms and values of social work must be applied in practical areas of social work too. In the name of social work, evil things appeared in our society should be strictly monitored. In fact, today our societies are slowly going to the route of individualism. To stop such kinds of trend, government should do something without delay otherwise It hinders the progress of our societies.

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