On the auspicious occasion of 70th anniversary of PRC


– SubashAdhikari

In today’s global economic perspectives, peace and harmony with the mutual benefit in win-win position are the essential anxieties in the world. China has been accomplishing a fabulous role in international society by promoting the economy in global and regional scale, deepening the mutual academic and scientific exchange,peace and development.

With Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping thought, China has set up a strong base of sovereignty and development with modernization. Now, the Xi Jinping thought will impel the country into a new economic era by advancing China’s profile in global affairs. It’s a new ideology for a new era.It has been characterized as a potential superpower as it works with mutual economic benefit in a joint effort with developing and underdeveloped countries through various policies, Belt and Road Initiative in today’s context.

In the current global scenario, China is a model country that the world is watching and curious about its activities.Every day, the world is interested in what China will do tomorrow?. Working in a joint effort and sharing the benefit is the ideal characteristics of China.

These days, red banners are throughout the street for the celebration of 70th anniversary of PRC. With this anniversary, the country will be more powerful with both economic and military. Moreover, the invincible leadership of President Xi Jinping along with the wishes of 70th anniversary, the rising country will advance to essential fortification against an array of multiple challenges. With the auspicious occasion, the country will strengthen the power for strong implementation of BRI benefiting the developing and underdeveloped countries in economic, trade and scientific perspectives.

The “One Belt and One Road” also known as the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road of 21st century, appeal to endogenous progress and prevent the assimilated countries to counter risks. Belt and Road Initiative implementation has the potential to upgrade economic status throughout the Asia Pacific, Central,and Eastern Europe.

It strengthens the economic ties and reinforces security cooperation in a joint effort by mutual benefit. It will assist in constructing economy corridor in Belt and Road Region and,augment peace and harmony with a group effort in win-win position expanding the countries capabilities. It also establishes the democratic international relationship among international communities through dynamic, justifiable, balanced and sustainable growth in the global trade market.Moreover, it will reinforce development programs and breakthroughs projects for public welfare and conceive appropriate institutional mechanisms to smooth bilateral trade and investment.

The upcoming visit of President of China, Xi Jinping to the Himalayan country Nepal will strengthen the bilateral ties. It will be a historical milestone for the implementation of BRI in case of Nepal by associating Nepal and China through Himalayan multi-dimensional connectivity building an economic corridor.

  1. On a special day, may everything the people hope and country dream come true. Happy 70th anniversary.

Subash Adhikari, Nepal

Email:[email protected]

CAS-TWAS Ph.D.scholar

Institute of Tibetan Plateau of Research, CAS

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