Transformed practices of event: A successful international e-conference; ETNT-2020

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-samikshya kandel

An international e-conference on Emerging Trends of Biosciences and Technology ETBT-2020 has been successfully completed. It was jointly organized by School of Science, Sandip University Nashik, India and Biotechnology Society of Nepal, Nepal. The event was a three day conference dated between 1st to 3rd June 2020 and was broadcasted Live among the audience through YouTube. Eight dignified speakers who are alsorecognized researcher in different regions of the world delivered their lecture presentation as keynote and invited speakers in the three days schedule. The event also provided opportunity to young researchers free of cost from different part of the world in the cluster of oral and poster presentation bringing them to a common platform of information exchange. About 50 presentation withinseven thematic areas were specified during the presentations of research works in the conference which included: Bioenergy and environment,Nano science and nanotechnology, Bioinformatics and chemo metrics, natural products and drug Discovery, agriculture and plant biotechnology, bioscience and Technology and the pandemic diseases.

The  findings and facts presented the possibility that research in biosciences can be applied in order to mitigate the risk associated with epidemics like tuberculosis which is killing more than millions of people since decades and the pandemics like covid-19 which spontaneously attacks the human and in the management strategies.Apart from this sentence, lectures about solid waste management in a proper way by reducing the wastes at most manageable level by ecofriendly practices for the sustainability of green and clean environment resources were highlighted.

A variety of research based on usage of plant resources like Aloe vera, Phaseolusvulgairs, Orchids, Alysicarpussps., Tribulusalatus, aspects of Kala masala, references of traditional medicine formulaethat can be used from the plant and the raw materials in order to discover the drugs and components which could be really useful to treat different diseases like Cancer fungal infections microbial infections  and and provide supportive therapy as immune booster in viral infections like COVID-19, were delightfully reflected.

The aspects of antimicrobial resistance was also discussed and solution to it using  many aspects of science including the food additives, nutraceuticals some traditional plants were addressed. Along with this usage of plant extract and  qualitative characterization of phytochemicals in different plant varieties including turmeric, probiotics in pomegranate, wheatgrass and other Holistic approaches in uses in different parts of the world were discussed during the conference. This was infact different remarks and the persistence of several varieties to be possibilties for use in the disease study and in the treatment strategies of this is infectious diseases were also discussed during the conference. Scientist also express their views in different natural processes and queries from the audience were also addressed which verified it was a two way information exchange and a learning way too.

The overall impact of human life due to covid-19 has been widely discuss and has been one of the recent talk topic among human civilization globally. This conference created the hope that the learning can be boundless cannot be prohibited.The highlighted notes that the conference bring about would be considered as one of the vital points and the remarks that Police maker can consider to make the policies and plans as well as increased investment of Science and Technology with respect to infectious disease study and the drug Discovery interest in days to come.

The presenters were awarded based on their performance skill, research finding and impact of the topic of presentation and the and certification were given to them as the best presentation,awarded with the certificate distributed throughan electronic copy. This event was managed by a group of organizing members from Nepal including Dr. ReshmaTuladhar, Asst. Professor Tribhuvan University, Dr. Shyam Narayan Labh, Mr. Nabin Narayan Munankarmi, President of Biotechnology Society of Nepal, Ms. Samikshya Kandel, Research Assistant of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, as well as from India : Dr. Vasudeo Zamabare, Dean, Dr. NamitaRaytekar, Dr, NissarReshi, Dr. Anup Deshpande ; faculties at different department of School of Science Sandip University, India along with the academicians, researchers, professors and faculties from about 4 different Universities from Nepal, India and United States.

No boundaries and destruction can impede knowledge sharing and information exchange. This is the motif that has been a common notion among all of the organizing committee members around while organizing the event; even when the most part of the world has been physically restricted within the covid-19 pandemics. This event has been considered fruitful in terms of knowledge sharing and information exchange besides being locked within the covid-19 restrictions and lockdown periods when people are suffering from isolation and mental health. Apart from this, researchers around the world got to participate and present their research work which has been one of the noteworthy highlight and time utilization in a productive away to utilize the isolation period to explore the researchers around the world. The dynamism of their knowledge with possibilities using the technical advances in the world today and the possibility of use of recent technology and Technical applications to maintain a connection between the scientists around the world has come true with the successful accomplishment of conference like. This was totally a virtual conference but it elucidated and illustrated the possibilities that every aspect of a physical conference can come true virtually as well using the networks in spite of being locked within the covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Problems come with possibilities and efforts makes them possible noted Dr. Vasudeo Zambare, Dean, School of Science, Sandip University during the closing remarks. “It was really a new way to get connected and create a scientific platform getting virtually connected, instead the claps and applause were missed by the winner’ added Mr. Nabin Narayan Munankarmi, President of Biotechnology Society of Nepal. Dr. Zamabare and Munankarmi were the Convener of the event.

In totality, the concluding remarks of this conference would be to be that; it is possible to carry outknowledge sharing and information exchange in spite of impossible mobility and transactions.

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