Zero Hunger In Action Not In Documentation

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Nanda Lal Pandey

United Nations food program is launching different campaigns to reduce hunger in the world. Since its establishment it is working to improve the condition in different vulnerable areas but still now there are millions of people who spend nights with no food. To stop the hunger adequate production, storage and supply of food is necessary. For the food security a good mechanism is essential from its production to supply system.

For the enough food storage its production should be boosted up. Growth of sustainable infrastructure on improving agro based activities is essential for food security. For sound health and overall personality development hygienic and nutritional food is crucial ones. For the production, storage and supply of adequate food our actions on agro based activities should be commensurate with our aspiration. If local farmers feel ownership on their farm and field they get themselves motivated for better actions. Grants and aids provided by the government is misused and not productive. The output from the agricultural activities is not satisfactory as per our input. A good mechanism should be built up to bridge the gap between actual farmers and government crops produced by the farmers should be purchased by the government and satisfactory profit should be provided to the farmers. The role of mediator between consumer and producer should be adopted by the state itself. The tradition of commission for dealers and agents should be eradicated.

Nandalal Pandey

The grants and aid provided by state is misused by the pseudo farmers. So it is necessary to adopt scientific grant system identifying the actual farmers.

On 16th, October, the world food day is going to be celebrated with the slogan of “Our Actions Our Future”- grow, nourish and sustain together. The slogan itself speaks that there must be collaborative and joint work to bring good result for the world and activities should be guided with the philosophy of existentialism. Any nations with low economic growth and poor infrastructures should not be by passed in formulating policies and programme and participating in international forum to express ideas to control the food crisis and manage the quality of food within the peripheral territory.

Adequate and enough supply of hygienic and nutritional food is essential for overall personality building. As human being, the entire citizen throughout the world should get access to quality food. Rapid development of advanced technology in the field of food processing, storage and supply of food are creating both opportunities and challenges to us. Use of technologies in the field of farming, hybrid seeds, marketing food processing technologies, storage and supply mechanism are the opportunities in the field of food and related products whereas use of harmful insecticides, harmful fertilizer, degradation of quality during the processing and storage of food are the challenges to us.

Our actions are our future, indeed, what we do today that we get tomorrow. To avoid the potential crisis and save the future of coming generations we have to adopt eco-friendly strategies in the field of farming and sound health oriented activities during food storage, food processing and food supply. There should not be any space to compromise with the quality of food. Concerned authority and stakeholders should work with long term vision, with substantial strategies for sustainable solution of world food crisis.

Executive heads from different nations have committed for zero hunger while participating in different international forums and have signed in different conventions. Laws and acts are formulated to address the agenda but what we need is strong action plan with strong determination to improve the condition.

Our future depends on our actions. So we must work sincerely and effectively for bright future. There must be strong action plan for preventing, promoting and rehabilitation the phases of disasters. Adequate storage of food for the crisis, scientific system for food supply and assurance of qualities are unavoidable assets of food supply mechanism.

The action plan designed from the top level should be based on authentic data and program should meet the demand of target groups. Along with the food supply the concerned authority and stakeholders should design the strategies to provide basic training and skills to uplift the lifestyle of rural people.

Absolutely, food is the most important need for human survival. The food we consume should be for our overall personality building. Food we consume should include all the nutritional values as per our need. Quality food ensures sound health and sound health obviously will give us strong potentiality for prosperity. Each state and government should design their policies and program for adequate and enough storage of food for upcoming crisis. Strong and effective action plan will guide to the way of prosperity.

Engagement of skillful manpower on agro based activities, management of needed tools and equipment and good mechanism for food storage and supply will be fruitful to avoid the food crisis.

The action plan we adopt should be scientific and need based. Collection and conservation of local seeds, large scale farming, commensuration with geographical features and climate will ensure the storage of food for upcoming crisis.

International and international conflicts, pandemic of communicable diseases, massive forest fire, global warming, indiscriminate human activities on nature , droughts, excessive use of chemicals on farming are creating endless problems on our actions.

In the current world affairs the Covid-19 / NCOV has a great impact on our actions. Due to the constant locked down in many countries throughout the world the laborers, who are the only breadwinner for whole family are facing unimaginable trouble. Many African and Asian countries are in severe hunger. Even in some South American countries the crisis is leading to out of control. Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, millions of people are losing their jobs and NCOV has become a great hindrance for supply and production of food.

Imagination of peace and prosperity with severe hunger is like the imagination of delicious meal without lighting the oven. Hunger is used as a strong weapon by numerous rebel groups throughout the world to create conflict and chaos in different intents. In many African countries, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan we can see the sight of severe hunger and the chaos created by it .

Owning the guardianship of millions of severe hungers the WFP should take strong initiatives to make the executive heads of the UN members to be responsible holding the accountability to humanitarian action for zero hunger.

Fare and proportionate supply system should be adopted Scientific ways should be used to meet the need of target groups. Available sources should be used wisely and effectively being based on authentic data.

Smaller action with grated thought will bring the golden morning. Zero hunger should be in action not in documentation. It’s grater to feed a hunger than piling a thousands of world about hunger.

To grow nourish and sustain together it is highly important to work jointly and collaboratively with humanitarian actions and behaviors .Assuming the world as a global village we have to behave all the citizens of the world with the spirit of fraternity . To stop the crime and conflict and lead the world to the prosperity and eternal peace the foremost thing is to repel the hunger.

In each state the local bodies of government should prepare their action plan for effective utilization of available local resources and enhancing public participation with context sensitive strategies.

Our actions are our future so let’s not make delay. We all together should think sincerely and seriously for our upcoming future and work accordingly. Stop investing a large amount of properties on nuclear energy and arms and weapons production, begin to farm the bare land and cultivate eco-friendly to sustain our future .Lets design our school curriculum including the contents of human values to bolster the humanitarian spirit to our school children from the beginning level. Dignity of labor will ensure engagement of skilled manpower on agro-based activities and that will certainly stop food crisis. Let’s bring our ideas into action, work jointly for our future to eradicate the hunger throughout the world.

Secondary level English Teacher (Walling -14 Syangja)

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