The reasons why 372 sq. Km. Area from kutiyangdi belongs to Nepal.

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-Santosh Paneru

1. Although sughaili treaty was not respectful and unequal, this treaty had clearly mentioned on article 5 that Nepal will not claim the land beyond mahakali. East of Mahakali is Nepal and west is India.

2. According to international law, the source of any river is considered to be the (most flowing, largest, longest and well known named river). (Source: Simabiddha Budhinarayan Shrestha) Therefore, the real source of Mahakali is the Kali river flowing from Binti Lake near the Kali Temple of Limpiyadhura.

3. We can know the ill deed of India as we look at the map made by the then British India, the Indian army had build the fake pond and Kali temple near tinker pass and tried to prove as real source of mahakali river. (Source: an article ‘Bharatiye Sena kutiyangdi pari jaa’ published on Janaekata weekly written by Girirajmani Pokhrel)


4. The citizen from gunji, naavi and Kuti were included in the census of 2018 BS. Before this census, the voter list had been published with their name in general election of 2015 BS. There is a evidence that the citizen of this area were still paying the taxes to government of Nepal till 1995 AD. Therefore the citizens from this area are recorded as Nepali citizens in Nepali administrative and political statistics.

5. Kuti, Nabhi and Gunji are inhabited by Shaiki tribe of Magar community. This community names the river origined from Limpiyadhura as Kuti Yangdi river. In Shaiki language, Kuti means Kali and Yangdi means river. This also proves that Kutiyangdi is the Kali river.

We have the proof that the limpiyadhura is the original source of mahakali river. We can only claim our land if we are able to declare this as the source as it originally is. Therefore, It is necessary to have awared nationality movement and we should go to international court of justice or the UN for justice.



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