We are the sufferers, what will the posterity be like ?

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Krishna Thapa, M. Phil in English

It was April ,2015.  Suddenly, the building began to shake. The building nearly collapsed. It was my first experience of earthquake. At the very moment, I thought that it was the last day of my life and it was the narrow escape. People were running here and there with panic to save their lives. The children were crying and the elderly were crawling. Then, we started spending the days and nights on the road and in some open spaces. There were shortage of food stuffs and other necessary things in the market. We all suffered. Mostly, children and elderly suffered a lot. The aftershocks incessantly haunted the people all the day and night. Since then, many of the people had psychological problems including anxiety disorders and depression. I was one of them and to be frank, I am still using medicine to combat anxiety.

Again, Corona Virus (COVID-19) began to suffer the people across the world. Actually, COVID-19 was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China, in December 2019. Recently, the virus has seized the entire world in its grip. Even the mightiest rulers of the world with largest army and most powerful nuclear weapons are being unable to combat COVID-19.Everydoy’s freedom has been restricted within home in isolation. Donald Trump, the president of the USA didn’t hesitate to name the virus as ‘Chinese Virus’ which is completely biased. Also, Trump is acting as if the USA is the mightier than the virus. But, the consequence will be nightmarish. The virus is spreading all over the wolrd. At the time, there are 512,701confirmed cases 23,495 confirmed deaths, 202 countries have been affected by the virus. The epicenter is being shifted from China to Italy, Spain to USA. People are suffocated as if they are the animals in the zoo or cage.

 Children, elderly, manual workers and homeless are being suffered a lot at the moment. Children and elderly have low immunity and there is high chance of getting this virus in the body and destroys the whole respiratory system. Similarly, the workers cannot go the work and it’s hard to join hand to mouth. The balanced diet and nutritional foods are quite away from them. Now, Trump is blaming Xi Jinping and the Chinese officials are blaming America for spreading the virus. The question arises, Who are to be blamed? “We all are to be blamed” is the simple answer to this question. We are eating what is not to be eaten, we are destroying what is not be destroyed, we are testing what is not to be tested, we are climbing what is not be climbed, we are polluting what is not be polluted and we are threatening what is not to be threatened. Then, who will be the sufferers? Definitely, we. we human beings. We boast that human beings are the smartest and the most intelligent being of the world, but, in fact, we the most stupid creature of the world.

Why we are being suffered ?


Human being are innately arrogant this is what sometimes leads us to destruction. We will suffer a lot due to our arrogance. Why did first and second world war break out and innocent people were made scapegoat ?  This was because of few excessively arrogant rulers of the world. Japan suffered a lot in World-War II. Thousands of people lost their lives and significant infrastructure of development were destroyed. This is the reality that arrogance results downfall. For instance, Doland Trump boastfully announced “We have the best doctors in the world and we will take COVID-19 under control easily”. Now, the epicenter is being boarded to the USA. We are boastful that we have invented the airplane, spacecrafts, tested the nuclear bombs, visited the moon, but, we are very poor that we are not being able to combat COVID-19 at the moment. We are not being able to protect ourselves. Then, why the scientists and the rulers of powerful countries are arrogant? Apply your arrogance for the protection of whole world, not for the destruction.


Modern humans are very short-sighted. They just want to fulfill their immediate desires without thinking about future. Fulfilling their immediate desires satisfies them and they do not ponder profoundly about the days they are to encounter in the future. We want to enjoy all luxuries and comforts ignoring the earth and other species. When the plot gets at its climax, then, of course, downfall begins and we will again be the sufferers. Now, we become very regretful. But, it has become very late. We are always guided by personal selfishness. We do not really want to think deeply about others and the future.


Capitalism has become one of the main reasons for resulting the people to be sufferers. Capitalism is very similar to the American dream ‘Rags to Rich’. Accumulate as much property as you can, build skyscrapers, shopping malls, swimming pools, industries etc and make capital; money, at any cost. These are the major slogans of capitalism. Now, people are destroying the environment and the species of plants and animals and are pursuing their dream of being capitalist. The counties like China and America are doing exactly the same and people are suffering more with epidemic, disasters and apocalypses.

Nuclear Tasting

The more nuclear taste is carried, the more humans will suffer and eventually, most probably, nuclear weapons will end the humans. The powerful countries like Korea, China and America are demonstrating their power by producing nuclear weapons day and night. The nuclear pubs are contaminating the people and the atmosphere nearby which is the main reason of spreading the diseases threatening the whole human existence. Even, some people are blaming the powerful countries that they made COVID-19 in their lap as biological virus for the war. Time will prove if it is true.


Overpopulation inhales the world. The rapid population demands higher consumption of resources. If the non-renewable resources come to an end, what will the world use? Isaac Asimov in her essay ‘Nightmare Life Without Fuel’, written in 1997 talks about the terrible, dark, cold and totally paralyzed life of humans when all resources of fuel come to an end. In the same way, this earth cannot, one day, resist this population. It means, it’s true, we are being sufferer and that day is coming very soon when we will suffer more.

What will the posterity be like ?

Definitely, the posterity will suffer more than we suffer right now. They will encounter with new diseases, more devastating natural disasters and weather extremes. These things will be very hard to resist and fight. Consequently, the whole human existence comes to such apocalyptic condition where people can neither move to nor fro. What shall we do at that time? We will surrender. The only one thing we can do is ‘ Pray for the whole Humanity’.

Thus, use your conscience while supplying your needs protecting the environment, stop nuclear tasting, let the earth go green, do not eat what is not to be eaten, do not destroy what is not to be destroyed, do not be boastful with scientific inventions which are threats to humans and other species of the earth, have foresight and ponder profoundly for posterity, then, definitely, we will suffer less and posterity will not suffer at all.

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