‘Necessity of Soltitude’

sangam Basnet
लोकपाटी न्यूज

–  Sangam Basnet

There is a very famour proverb,”more you share knowledge,more you gain it”. I never understand that paradox.Yes,for me,it is a paradox.But,slowly,I am perceiving it’s core.We need to give more,not because,we would get it after sharing.The fact is quite different.Our brain can’t store the ideas,for a long time.Ideas start to buggling out inside the mind ,creating the turmoil.Sometimes,ideas even lead us in different way,you ever expected .Some ideas,even makes us hallucinate .We need to pour it out,before it led us to madness.

You  need to release yourself,to fill yourself.If you can’t release,it becomes burden for you.You need to put off,so that,your mind can empty yourself and emptying yourself is so essential for us.As we are filling ourselves with everything,we act like a mechanical machine.

Every days,thousands of things we perceive .Perception does not means ,simply chewing the knowledge,but your eyes is seeing many things ,and perceiving it.Your ears are hearing many voices and receive it.Your senses are quite receptive,in a way.Even your body has its own intelligence.Is not it,there are instances where your body function harmonically ? Have you observe ,if you get up at 6 ,your body follows in a same way,memorizing you to get at the  exact moment?Have you realize when you are hungry,your tommy squarrels ,at the time,when you fills it ?

I believe,we are like vaccums.More you are empty,more you can work better and nature can be best tools for making us empty.Have you remain yourself,without trying to fill by anything ? How frightened we become ,is not it?Have you spent time watching the dance of top leaves in pine?Don’t you think,you should spent few moments with ourself,to explore us.Don’t you think ,all the classes of mediation is nothing more than that,inner exploration ? Everytime,I realize,we the people,is becoming devices ,storing hundreds of memories day by day. Getting early,clean the  room,have breakfast and run for the job.I feel,it is very petty lives,if you look very closely.It never trigger me but we are so accustomed to surrounded by  such small circle,you never felt to discover yourselves.

Doesnot  it  necessary to understand ourselves in this short span of life ,rather than depending on many aspects.Does not it  true,you never like to sit a aside in balcony and watch all the usual chores of people.Why we have to pull ourselves in the screen of mobiles or laptops ? Why,we have to spend the hours by,peeking the personal lives of others in social sites?Why we have to express the opinions in every cases?Is not it simply means of entertaining ,to gossip about others ?Is not passing of comments  is the acts of pleasing ourselves  rather than care ? Why ,we care about others so much and us,so little ? Is not our life is very empty and vacant,nothing special, and that’s why,we are seeeking something higher in others lives.Is not it, we don’t have any purposeful aims to reach or significant goals to follow ? Is not it,we are afraiding to accept the mediocrity of our lives ? The ridicule or mockery ,that is pasting every facebooks sites,reflects the inner poverty of ours lives.Is not it ? Is not chatting or spending hours of time,with others,simply signify our dependency than the social behaviour ?

There are very few people,who understand to remain with themselves,without disturb or turmoil.There are very rare ones,who can handle their way of living.Is not  all the psyochological trauma begins with the loneliness and insecurity we are going through ?And more we accompany with others,more we obsessed with others.Why can’t we cut off  from the social sites ? Is not it our descendants are totally inclined on the technology.Is not it we become more trustworthy towards sites than being ?

Have you ever see the child of seven,is not going to have lunch until he is not finishing his cartoons ? Have you not see his mother, not ready to serve the food,until she is not finishing his video on tiktok ? Are not we  getting isolated in the room,even in the family?Have you not been self centred from the past some years ? Is not the society of Nepalese inhale the social sites as a tablets of sick people,whose dosage should not be missed at any time.

Don’t we  need to walk a hills, or travel a while or even interact with strangers for a moment.Why we have been,so much attached with this medias ? Is not our lives lack something depth or insightful ? Is not it ,we follow our dreams in confusion or vagueness, led by the bunches of crowds?Is not it,our mindset is highly conditioned to follow,which is supported by the majority?Is not it ,our inner judgement is absolutely in collapse ? Is not it roasting in youtubes ,that most of us are enjoying,not because it is righteous but many subscribers has given the consent to view?And we stamp their consent.Is not it we moves through the drives rather than reason ? Is not our aims ,reflects our social acceptance rather than necessity of time ?

The isolation within ourselves,is leading us to something we never imagine.The ties for the attachement,and their dependence is common symptoms of our techno -users .All kinds of dating apps and marriage apps ,proved a very significant factor;absent-minded of reality and allure of technology.

The love for the tech can be the bizare impacts in the upcoming days.The rise of dopamine ,can be provide through the swap of the screen,but still never going to fulfill us.Many people are becoming fed of with contents and they want more .Is not this urge of more,lead us to more programmed ? The seek of something new,in sites would lead ,merely to the temporary points of pleasure.Is not it ,we are moving away from the daily lives?Is not it, jeolousy, sensed after seeing edited pictures,in sites makes you more competitive ? Is not it,holidays photos in insta,makes you more tempting to visit that locating ? Is not it,our lives has been controlled by others action ?

Mind is a very strange entity.It is not fully aware about it’s contents.It has only one aim,to fill itself.It never realize,what kinds of things,it is made up of ? It simply replicates,when it receives pleasure and avoids,after the pain.Is not it, is the reason,youths have been indulging immense time in the pornography ? It does not want to face the reality and delve itself in pleasing imagination.The seek of pleasure,formation of pleasure as a memory, and again breeds the same pleasure,through the memory is the overall acts of mind,which is hard to break.This vicious circle is very intricate and always compulsing.

We are terrify ,to face the hollow loneliness .As in loneliness,our mind does not get anything to crave on and we feel discomfort .Is not it necessary,we remain sometimes as we are without attaching on anything and just seeing what this loneliness is ?

Is not we born lonely  ?  I feel,it is necessary to face the loneliness ,that led us to the moment,where our mind finally rest .It is very urgent to separate some times for ourselves ,not only to get rid off the toxic results of social sites but also throw out our emotions,sentiments ,unwittingly settling in subconscious. Is not it ,this is the time for us,mostly youths to have doubt,inquire ourselves,to remain discontent to discover ourselves ? Is not it, very important to free from any habits ,at this vigour age of youth ,where we can really have clarity to led a purposeful life.

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