Acid Attack- Stopping the journey at bus stop


Divas poudel

Born to a happy family
My heart was pleaded
Around the blissful green  surrounding
My perennial thoughts were dreamed
To each mulberry of garden
I ripen  each ambition of my future
I was a capable, talented, intellectual person
Whose skills could the world  suture!


I was striding  to my journey
To the miles and miles to reach
But I, later on, became an ignorant person, my fate!
Such like the thin crowd in winter beach
My passion, my journey, my heart
The melancholic  day cruelly pop
Just a cruse of acid torn my whole dream
In the dark shadowed evening at the bus stop


The person whoever I never know
Either my ex-lover, culprit or opponent
The truth is hidden behind the mask, he wore
Just smeared the acid, and my smile , he hent
Intentionally, he hardened my soft pillow-like cheek
Bumping off in a bluing shadow of inn
My rupturing eyes were yelling in grief-stricken
I lastly remember stand of bus stop’s scene


I was wondering in deep grief
The evening, I was screaming, I was shouting dreadfully
The fear was more dreadful than the pain
The fear of society, the fear of family
Afterward, the affection of family quite healed me
I cried  a river lying in a bed of the hospital
Still, I feel weak myself Why? Why?
I felt stopping my journey at the bus stop
I felt stopping my journey at the bus stop