Dr. Nimananda Rijal
लोकपाटी न्यूज

The earth is a planet of this universe and human being is a creation of the planet. It is pointed out by a Hindu philosopher that ‘ MATA BHUMI PUTROHUM PRITHIVYAH ‘ (this earth is my mother and I am a son of this earth.) ‘A Hindu philosopher revealed himself as nature (Krishna) and said whenever virtue subsides and wickedness prevails, I manifest myself to establish virtue, to destroy evils, to save the good, I come age to age.1

The symbolic form of nature as Krishna had interpreted virtue (Dharma) in terms of human behavior. It includes ‘let us live to others, love to live, and acknowledge the existence of other entities on the planet.’2These basic forms of virtues are determined by nature to the human being for living in co-existence.

The earth existed since millions of years but human history is around fifty thousand of years, but in Gita it has explained more 10200000 years, homo sapis existence is 2,800,000  discovered in Ethiopia[i] (,  what we need to know is the earth is a planet in this solar system whereas there are thousands solar system in the universe, this thought will encourage the younger generation for exploring another solar system if the planet allows to exist them.

The evolution of the human being in the planet one of the natural phenomena, It had taken millions of years, In the process of evolution thousands of years are as a fraction of a minute, The existence of human being is an infant for the evolution process of this planet, A duty of the mother is to create an environment for the development of their offspring , If the offspring violate the created boundaries of the environment, simply they will be in trouble and mother will neglect the disobedient child. The human being is crossing the boundaries without knowing the consequences and the ideal ways of life.





May all beings be happy, may all attain bliss; may all see happy days, may no one be subject to suffering.’ This was the prayer of those old sages but now the prayer has narrowed up to ‘AHAM BHAVANTU SUKHINA’ May I only live happily.

The internal evil force of human-being AHANKARA (ego)6. It has been manifesting for ‘me’ and subsides for ‘we’. Ego is revealed with creating boundaries, ethnic groups, and religions for assaulting the very mother planet.’  The human assault on the earth not only threatens the very earth but also entire forces of nature of life, of life itself which will cause the death of mankind himself.’7

 Conclusion: There is no difference between human beings and animals to the planet, as a mother she cannot discriminate her children.  If the human being fails to respect the relationship for mutual co-existence, nature will manifest to over through her infected part. Earth is a planet of the solar system, the nature is the one who has come to be formed by the fraction of the sun, there are some element would try to deviate the scientific concept of creation, the nature is the main role of creation, it took millions of years and balance should be maintained for coexistence in between human and nature.

The end


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